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  • Who will be the next ????

    Are you the new Mrs/Miss Glamour International? Sign up today and represent your country at the international election of Mrs / Miss Glamour in 2021

    If you are interested in participating forward your personal details along with a recent snapshot photo and a full body photo to: info@glamourinternational.be

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    "Misses Glamour International is allowing yourself to sparkle again"

    Mrs Glamour International 2021

    Our next election Misses Glamour international will take place in August 2021
    The finalists have to be min. 25 and max. 45 years old.(Married or not)

    Miss Glamour International 2021

    Our next election Miss Glamour international will take place in August 2021
    The finalists have to be min. 16 and max. 24 years old.(Married or not)



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    Hosting Country 2021

    BELGIUM !!!

    The International final of Miss / Mrs Glamour International will take place in August '21 in the prestigious hotel Best Western Aldhem in Gobbendonk Belgium. Do you want to represent your country at this event? Send your details and two recent photos to glamourinternational01@gmail.com

    Breaking News !!

    Please welcome our National Director


    Mrs La Yeik Cho


    Announcement !!

    Miss Glamour International

    On general request we will add an extra category to our International election Mrs Glamour International.
    A category will be added for ladies between 17 to 25 years old. These ladies will participate in the Miss Glamour International category.
    Are you or do you know someone who qualifies, do not hesitate and register today at glamourinternational01@gmail.com (personal details and two recent photos) !!


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    December 14, 2020
    If friends or family want to come with the delegate, they can book the hotel at their own expense...
    September 5, 2018
    There will be a photo shoot of the final week and show. A copy of this is available from the...
    all candidates present their country to the juryall candidates represent an organization for...
  • Mrs Glamour International

    Leila Vanbelle

    A couple of months ago I started an adventure. And what a wonderful adventure! I remember hesitating a while before sending my application to be considered as a candidate for Mrs Glamour Belgium and then I thought “YOLO”. Not too confident, I took my chance and 3 months later I surprisingly got crowned Mrs Glamour Belgium 2018. Imagine how I felt, it was a dream come true! I then got the chance to represent my country at Mrs Glamour International in August 2018 in Baltimore (USA). It was such an honor to meet the ladies from other countries, we spent the most amazing time together and had a lot of fun!

    After a full week of hard work, photoshoots and rehearsals, we had THE awaited moment: the finale show. It was mixed feelings of stress, impatience and happiness.

    The 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st runner ups are announced, I’m still in line behind the newly crowned queens, trembling, and there comes the moment when they call out my name as the Mrs Glamour International 2018! The feeling cannot be described! You have to live it to understand how it feels. It’s just wonderful!!

    What I can only say is take your chance, believe in yourself and don’t forget that the sky is the limit!

    I’d like to say a massive thank you to the organisation, the sponsors, the organisers but most definitely to the ladies for the extraordinary and unforgettable adventure!!!

  • National directors

    Ronny Wolfs

    - Belgium -

    Virginia Theis


    -Canary Islands-

    Carolyn Baldwin Botha

    - South-Africa -


    Mariah Leigh Sarver


    - USA -

    Ciprian Olteanu


    - Spain-

    Nokuthula Cathrine Cele


    - Swaziland / Zanzibar-

    Mrs La Yeik Cho

    - Myanmar-

    Mrs Uma Stark


    - Singapore-Malaysia-

    Indonesia -Thailand-

  • International Director



    International Director


    van Steenbergen


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